ALPHA to Omega
Helen Comerford

Helen Comerford trained as a sculptor and worked with a variety of materials until she discovered wax as a medium while working on a small commission in the early nineties. When, in a whimsical moment, she put beeswax together with pigments, she discovered the ancient art of encaustic painting used by the Egyptians and Greeks. That was twenty-one years ago and she has continued to explore and refine works in this medium ever since.

Much of Comerford’s artistic life has been spent exploring the secret of the seven stages of earth-evolution. This exploration began with her Planetary Boxes, ‘treasure chests’ that opened to give a glimpse of the seven planetary qualities. Eight years ago Comerford gave up teaching to devote herself full-time to this body of work. These paintings have grown layer-by-layer, week-by-week, until they have yielded their own hidden rhythms, colours and textures. In the catalogue essay, Christian priest, Reglind Kühlcke, provides a particular insight into viewing the work and encourages us to think of Genesis and the seven days of Creation, of the seven letters of the Book of Revelations, the seven seals and seven trumpets…

These paintings extend an invitation to engage with some of the most potent processes of existence: life’s ability to teach, to transform, to heal; to give you times of great inner peace. They speak of a journey completed, of a secret uncovered, a mastery acquired.1

The abstract paintings of Alpha to Omega are exceptionally accomplished and strong in presence and are accompanied by a suite of exquisite carborundum prints. Comerford has produced an important body of work, rich in depth, where her years of experience with both her medium and her subject matter have collided to give birth to great beauty.

Helen Comerford, ALPHA to Omega, 2012

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