While we’re waiting to reopen, and many of us are at home looking for creative projects to keep the kids occupied, we invite viewers to download, colour and reimagine some of the artwork from our collection. Featuring artwork from Paul Henry, Mainie Jellett, Mildred Anne Butler and many more. Create your own masterpiece by clicking on the images below! #ColourOurCollections

Paul Henry (1876 – 1959)
The Thosel, Kilkenny, 1939 – 40

Sir John Lavery (1856 – 1941)
Head of a Girl, Hazel, 1925

Mainie Jellett (1897-1944)
Figures, 1936

Mildred Anne Butler (1858-1941)
A Tit-Bit

Percy F.Gethin (1874 – 1916)
Street Musicians

EJ Brennan
The Nore, 1882

Edwin Hayes (1820-1904)
Untitled, 1842

Evie Hone (1894 – 1955)

Bob & Roberta Smith (b. 1963)
Hijack Reality, 2008

Michael Farrell (1940 – 2000)
Presse Irlandaise, 1975

May Guinness (1863-1955)
Landscape, c. 1950‘s

Sylvia Cooke-Collis (1900 - 1973)
A Pattern of Fish, 1940

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