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Midterm Break

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We have some exciting Youth Ecology Art workshops for Halloween midterm break!

SOIL Farm Visit | Suzanna Crampton
Monday 31 October | 11 am - 1.30 pm | Bennettsbridge
Suzzanna Crampton manages a small regenerative farm in Bennettsbridge, she is an expert in soil biodiversity and works with plants, trees, and animals to cultivate some of the most biodiverse soil in Ireland. We will collect soil samples, document the creatures we find, and learn how to care for soil that is full of life.

Soil Chromatography | Eileen Hutton
Wednesday 2 November | 11 am - 3.30 pm | Butler Gallery

Thursday 3 November | 11 am - 3.30 pm | Butler Gallery

A dynamic and scientifically informed workshop examining the unique microbiome of soil. Documenting the micro ecology of soil through drawing and photography and chromatography. Chromatography is an alternative photography process that creates a ‘soil portrait’ on light sensitive filter paper that is both formally beautiful and a useful way to assess the soil for organic matter, biological diversity, minerals and humus.
This workshop is part of the Youth Ecology Art Programme at Butler Gallery.

Art & Ecology | Thomas Duffy

Saturday 12 November | 11 am - 3.30 pm | Butler Gallery

Sunday 13 November | 11 am - 3.30 pm | Butler Gallery
A fun and thoughtful workshop examining Systems thinking – Interdependence & Interconnection. What do we mean by ‘System change not Climate Change’? How are all things interconnected? What do we need to survive and thrive? Through drawing, mapping, discussion and percussion we will build our own 'tree of life'; exploring our own strengths, ambitions and achievements while looking at what connects us to each other.

The programme is for young people aged 13 - 17 and all activities are Free.

Please email [email protected] for more information or to book a place.

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