July 22 - Sep 17 2021

Butler Gallery in collaboration with the Fr. McGrath Family Resource Centre and Kilkenny Adult Learning Service, part of Kilkenny and Carlow Education and Training Board, presented a project in which people who have migrated or had to seek refugee status in Ireland tell their stories through personal objects. We all have items that are precious to us, some can be extraordinary in nature, others very ordinary. Yet whatever the nature of the object, they all have the power to hold memories of place, of people, of events that happened in our lives. We hope the stories linked to the objects you see in this exhibition prompt reflection about what it means to leave the place you called 'home' and create new lives in other places.

Generously supported by Kilkenny County Council and Creative Ireland.

Butler Gallery would like to thank the following for their assistance with the project:
- Samuel Morgan and Theresa Delahunty, Fr McGrath Family Resource Centre
- Helen Walsh, Carmel Bryan and Betty Weeden, Kilkenny Adult Learning Service
- Freddie Greenall, photographer

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