Anna O’Sullivan, Director, Butler Gallery in discussion with Sophie Henderson, Director Migration Museum, and Hina Khan, artist.

July 7, 2021

Museums and galleries are increasingly highlighting the issues of migration and refugees within their permanent and temporary exhibitions, collecting strategies and public engagement programming. This in-discussion event explores the extent to which cultural organisations can offer more expansive forums of debate for these issues and how they may differ from more generic mass media reporting of such events.


Sophie Henderson was formerly a barrister and immigration judge and has led the Migration Museum since 2013 on its journey towards delivering a permanent, landmark new cultural institution for the UK, to put the long and important story of the movement of people, both to and from the country, right at centre stage, where it belongs.

Hina Khan is an artist from Pakistan specialising in Miniature Painting who moved to Ireland in 2015. Combining traditional and experimental methods, her work engages with social issues around immigration, humanitarian crises such as prostitution, gender discrimination and gender restriction. As Hina states “I am creating a dialogue through my art. My art is a reflection of inner connection, immigrants, nomadic artists are part of this land, migration is deeply rooted in my blood. I have carried two cultures, one where I was born and the other is this culture where I am trying to re-root myself”.

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