The Soil Project Residency: Building Mycelial Communities
Eileen Hutton

Butler Gallery is delighted to announce that Eileen Hutton has been commissioned for the gallery’s 2021 Soil Project Residency. The Soil Project is an annual invited artist’s commission that supports artists to create participatory work that engages the public to connect with the natural world around us and beneath our feet. As galleries and museums increasingly address social issues affecting our communities, environmental and ecological concerns are key priorities for the 21st century.

The full artist’s statement is available to read here.

Building a Soil Map of Ireland – A Call for Public Participation

As part of this residency, Eileen intends to build a three dimensional map of the actual, material soils that comprise this island. This task is too big for one person, so she is inviting any and all interested parties to help gather samples of the earth below our feet.

In 1980, the National Soil Survey was carried out through An Foras Talúntais (a forerunner organisation to Teagasc). The main outputs of that survey resulted in a mapping of the soils of individual counties at a 1:127,560 scale for 44% of the country, a General Soil Map of Ireland and a National Peatland map at a 1:575,000 scale. The maps are a visually stunning, polychromatic translation of the soils of Ireland.

If you are interested in participating in this project, please contact Eileen at: [email protected]. She will send you a small petri dish, a copy of the General Soil Map, instructions for how to best collect and identify the classification and GPS coordinates of the soil within your locality. She will also send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to return samples. This aspect of the Soil Project Residency will grow over the year with the hopes that it will culminate in a public installation of this collective process and our shared land.

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