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Aideen Barry (b. 1980)

Hoover Housewife

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Framed size: 32 x 25cm
Pen & ink on paper
Gift from the artist following the artist’s exhibition

Aideen Barry is an artist with a national and international profile, whose means of expression is interchangeable, incorporating performance, moving image, drawing, print and sculptural manifestations. Hoover Housewife, was first exhibited in Butler Gallery in 2010, as part of an exhibition of Barry’s work entitled The Morphology of the Other, which addressed a fear of futuristic doom. The exhibition evoked the threat of what we humans might eventually morph into – creatures devoid of compassion and empathy. Hoover Housewife is an imagining of a future domestic creature, half hoover, half housewife, sucking and consuming particles of dust.

Watch a short video of Aideen talking about this work

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